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WATCH: Vision for Hartford at Mayoral Candidate Debate at the Hartford Public Library

At last night’s Mayoral Candidate Debate at the Hartford Public Library, I discussed my vision for Hartford.  My vision is a city on the rise — where everyone shares in its rise. Even more: our many communities should not only

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WATCH: Primary Night Celebration Remarks

Yesterday, Hartford Democrats turned out in numbers we haven’t seen for many years and made their voices heard. So proud of our Democratic Team and so grateful to everyone who worked so hard. Last night was a time for celebration

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Luke Bronin today released a TV ad emphasizing the need to get City Hall working for all of Hartford’s neighborhoods.  In the new spot, Luke Bronin calls for investing in our schools, creating more jobs for our young people, getting more cops walking

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Luke Bronin today released a TV ad that continues to address the most pressing issue facing Hartford residents – the dramatic spike in crime. In the new spot, viewers hear directly from Robert Nelson, a retired sergeant from the Hartford

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WATCH: Milestone: The End of Chronic Veteran Homelessness in Connecticut

Connecticut is now first state in the nation to have ended chronic homelessness among veterans. Honored to join Governor Malloy and Senator Blumenthal in marking this milestone earlier today, and proud of the work that we did together that touched

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“Story” – Luke Bronin’s First TV Ad

Luke Bronin today released a TV ad that addresses the most pressing issue facing Hartford today – the dramatic spike in violence crime. The ad outlines the steps Luke would take as mayor to reduce the spike, including hiring additional

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WFSB: Hartford’s Mayoral Race Heats Up with Endorsements

WFSB published a piece yesterday about the Hartford mayoral race.  The piece describes my recent endorsements, the words of local business owners who agree with some of my key positions on how to address the public safety crisis, and my recent community

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Watch: My Answer on the Demand for Jobs on WFSB’s Face the State

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WATCH: Interview with WFSB’s Face the State w/Dennis House

It was fun to sit and talk for a few minutes with Dennis House, longtime host of WFSB’s Face the State, about the Mayoral race, my plans for Hartford, and my take on the race dynamics. Click HERE to watch my

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WATCH: Hartford Courant Fact-Checks Mayor Segarra’s Claim; Mill Rate Increased Under Segarra

Today, the Hartford Courant fact-checked Mayor Segarra’s claim at the arts debate last night that he hasn’t raised the mill rate in #Hartford.  In fact, the mill rate increased 2.5 mills under Segarra. Additionally, the assessment rate is going up

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