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No matter what the “issue” is, the first job of the next Mayor is to create a culture of leadership, accountability and action inside City Hall. The office of Mayor isn’t a ceremonial or weak position. The Mayor is the manager of the City, and the buck stops at the Mayor’s desk.

As Mayor, I would surround myself with people who challenge me every day to think differently. In return, I will demand that they are responsive — not only to me, but to the people of Hartford. And once a decision is made or a direction is set, I will hold them accountable for getting the job done — quickly and effectively.

Whether it’s the Department of Public Works, the Finance Department, or the Fire Department, we can’t try to ignore or hide our challenges or our weaknesses. We need to get under the hood, shine a light on the problems, and fix what’s broken.

Making City Hall work means making hard decisions, confronting tough problems and tough people, and making change one problem or one person at a time. That kind of leadership, accountability, and action must come from the top.

Here’s my take on three pressing issues a new Mayor must quickly and effectively tackle:

To get in touch with me and my campaign about the issues, please contact: or (860) 598-LUKE (5853).