Latest Interview for Fox CT's 'The Real Story' - Vote Luke

Latest Interview for Fox CT’s ‘The Real Story’

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.37.22 PMDuring my latest interview for the Real Story, Fox CT’s Al Terzi commented, “Let’s look back at your primary win and how you made that come to be. It’s like a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ game — this was ‘Where’s Bronin?’, you were everywhere in the city.”

I work hard. I worked hard during the campaign, I’m still working hard during the campaign, and I’m going to work hard as mayor. The core of my campaign has been getting out door to door. I’ve knocked on about 5000 doors, and I’ve tried to meet as many voters as I can all over the city. Because I think that’s a candidate’s job, to let voters get to know him or her personally.

That’s the kind of mayor I want to be as well. ┬áIf elected, I intend to get out there every single month and do a town hall in a different neighborhood every month. I expect those to be real conversations, and I imagine some of those are going to be tough conversations. But I’m ready for that. If you’re afraid of tough conversations with the voters and the residents that you represent, then you shouldn’t be in the job.

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