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Thank You

IMG_3282Last night, we celebrated a hard-won victory.

Over the past ten months, our campaign engaged residents in a way that’s not been seen in years.  We knocked on tens of thousands of doors and carried our message community center by community center, house by house, neighbor by neighbor.

IMG_0333Today, the real work begins.  Hartford’s challenges are big, and change will take time.  But Hartford’s promise is huge, and by tackling our challenges head-on, we can get Hartford working again.

Over the next two months, I will continue to engage and to listen to residents in every corner of Hartford, as we move forward with the important work of transition.

Before we start that work, I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for putting your trust in me and the rest of the Democratic team.  Thank you for your support and your hard work.  Thank you for your belief that our city’s best days are ahead.
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PS – If you’d like to see a clip my speech from last night, click here, or you can read the full text below:

Speech Transcript:

Today, Hartford’s voters spoke loud and clear and they called for leadership, accountability, and action.

I’m so proud to stand here with my fellow Democrats — soon to be partners in government — your new City Council Members:  TJ Clark, Julio Concepcion, John Gale, Jimmy Sanchez, Glendowlyn Thames, rJo Winch — let’s give our Democratic Council-Members-Elect a round of applause!

Let’s give a hand for our City Treasurer, Adam Cloud. And for our new Judge of Probate, Foye Smith.  Foye, you made history tonight.

And for our Constables, Mamie Bell, Ellen Nurse, Ronnie Walker and Radames Vasquez.

This is a team that’s ready for the task ahead.  I look forward to serving side by side with them for the next four years.

There are so many of you in this room who worked so hard — who knocked on hundreds or even thousands of doors, who gave up nights and weekends, who took political risks.  And you are the reason we’re celebrating tonight.

I hope you can forgive me for not thanking each and every one of you by name tonight. Each of you has my deepest gratitude.  But tonight, let me just say a thank you —

To my wife Sara, and my kids, Luna, Teo and Romy, and to my parents.  I love you.

To Mayor Pedro Segarra, who has served our city with all his heart, and who showed his love for Hartford when he graciously called for unity six weeks ago.

To Ted Cannon, Patrice Smith and Joel Cruz, for whom I have tremendous respect.  We need your service still, and I extend my hand to you tonight.

Most important of all, thank you to the people of Hartford.

You’ve put your trust in us.  Your trust will be honored — with an open door and open ears, and with tireless, hard work.

Because now the REAL work begins.

What’s ahead will not be easy.  There will be times you will disagree with the decisions that we make.  When a city faces the challenges we face there are no easy answers.

No easy answers to a deep budget crisis.  No easy answers for neighborhood schools that are under-enrolled and over-burdened.  No easy answers when one out of three of our fellow residents lives today in poverty and tens of thousands more struggle at the edge.

There are no easy answers, and change takes time.  But what this team brings is a willingness to face our challenges head-on — and to be held accountable.

We have energy.  Energy you can feel in this room tonight, and you will feel it in City Hall.

We have faith.  Faith that we can come together as one Hartford and move our city forward.

And we have a common commitment.  A commitment to governing in the same way that we campaigned — by listening neighborhood by neighborhood, by meeting face to face, by welcoming real conversation in the community about the things that matter.

The challenges are big.  But so is Hartford’s promise.  And so is Hartford’s heart.  And so are our aspirations for our city.

And with leadership, and accountability, and action — With tough decisions, clear priorities, and with time — we will get Hartford working again.  And I can’t wait to get started

Thank you, God bless all of you, and may God bless our city.

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